Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Submitting a grant is like lottery ticket?

I had a senior collegue chat with me the other day. He asked me how was I doing and if I had submitted a grant. I said yes I have, and will see what will happen. What I meant was that we will see how good or bad reviews we get and if we will get the award or not depends on that.

He replied...good, but you know submitting a grant is like a lottery ticket. You may win and get the money..or you can just buy another one.

This got me thinking. Is submitting and getting a grant really like a lottery? No matter how much sweat and blood I put in the ideas, the writeup, and awesome preliminary results?

For me I don't want to think that this is true (may be it is you tell me). I want to think that the ideas that I put on the paper are worth something. I do acknowledge that there is an element of luck on which reviewer gets your grant proposal and how much money does the PO has etc. But it certainly does not mean that it is like lottery where a random chance would determine your fund-ability. Does it?

Monday, June 9, 2014

Respect my time

Dear Student,

I am busy. I am busy all the time. That is why, you the student who is not my PhD/MS student and has not been admitted to the program, has to take an appointment to meet me.

If you do not have an appointment (and I have a grant submission deadline) you will have to go back and get an appointment with me and then meet me. Otherwise I will turn you away (even if you traveled for 2 hours).

I am sorry. But my time is more important than your time and if you do not respect my time, I cannot respect yours.

your professor