Sunday, August 20, 2017

Conference and Travels

I am travelling right now for a large conferences in my field. This is one of the big ones and we have 2 paper accepted in this conference. Both of them have associated talks with them so I am really excited about this.

I also get to see the large urban city and I am loving it. Both me and my wife are large urban people and we absolutely love it when we are in big cities.

Conferences are good. I get to see a lot of science and a lot of people that I may recognize. What I do not like is how I may know some one (and naive enough to tell them that I know them; I am good with faces and can recall people well) but they give me a blank stare. I then have to tell them the context where we have met, interacted with AND worked on. I am not sure if this is normal? or am I just good at faces/names and perhaps not all the people are that good at it.

I am just loving the energy of this place which is definitely missing from my small city where I am employed. I am grateful and would love to get tenure at that place. But my gut tells me that one day I will make the move from that small city to a larger urban city with millions of people. I just suck energy from large urban centers (both for my personal and professional life) and just love it.

Gotta go now. My battery is dying.