Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Submitting K99

I have a draft of K99 that I had completed 2 months ago. That includes research strategy, candidate information, and other shit. If you have done this much, kudos.

But this is not the whole story.

I have to get more done for the application to submit. That includes letters from collaborators, mentors, institutional people and many other documents that may not make a lot of sense but they are necessary for your grant.

I dont know what is up with the collaborator and the institutional people. I requested a letter 6 weeks ago and send them a draft of the letter a week ago, and still nothing. All they have to do is put the draft I have written on their letter head and send it to me.

The deadline is looming, and if there is a delay in my application, I gonna make some phone calls !

For now it is wait and see...

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