Sunday, February 16, 2014

Are you part of the Lab/Group or is it the other way around?

I have been thinking about putting up my web-presence about the awesome (in the future) lab/group that I am trying to establish. All the web surfing that I have been doing it seems that PI's/directors/group-leaders (whatever you choose to call your self) seems to be operating on one of the two scenairo's:

1) they have their personal profiles as the main page and a group/lab seems to be part of their profile e.g. they will have tab on their page such as "people" which will have the students/postdoc's listed and the PI may or may not choose to list them selves as "people"
2) they have a lab page as the main go-to page and choose to list them selves on the "people's" tab.

The first option seems to be that the "lab/group" is part of the PI and the second option seems to be that the PI is part of the lab/group.

For me the first option is more convenient since I already have a personal webpage and the only addition to it would be my affiliation and a "peoples" tab. On the other had I am not entirely comfortable with it. For the second option I will have to revamp my whole web presence which will need time and effort.

Which kind of style did you choose for your lab/group page and why?


  1. I have an official faculty page that is part of the department website. From it, I link to the research group page. The research group page has the publications tab, research tab, and people tab. The people tab has, for each group member, address, email, and link to personal website if applicable. For me, it links to my faculty website.

    Just stick with a you-centric approach for now, with the page being about you and your record. As your group grows it will make more sense to transition into the group mode. No need to do a massive overhaul right away. Whatever you had up to now will probably be fine until you have several students and postdocs and some funded projects. No rush! :)

    1. Makes sense but I like to think about stuff way ahead. No rush yes, but my brain is going all bazoooka :D

  2. Dr. Noncoding ArenayFebruary 18, 2014 at 9:14 AM

    Personally I prefer the second option. Also, when I visit PI pages to learn more about their research I don't like navigating around a PI's personal page to find links to his lab. I find lab pages to be more informative in terms of the research goals of said lab, lab resources, info about students/postdocs and their individual projects, clear publication history, etc.