Wednesday, October 19, 2016

What makes you "known" in your field

A conversation with a colleague got me thinking. What makes a person "known" in their respective fields?

1) You have a solid publication record and your people see your work with consistency over the years. This is solid research and you get good results which results in high impact publications. Over the years of hard work this will make you known in the field.

2) You have just 1 or 2 "awesome/earth-shattering/" results that made you "known" in the field and you are cashing on this ever since. Even though you may not have produced anything worth while in the last 10 years.

I like to think that I belong to the first kind. I do not have any earth shattering results that will instantly put me in the lime light in my sub-fields. But I have solid research and papers are regular intervals that get published in high impact journals.

I believe that my consistent work over the years will make me "known" but I wont be a lime light star. But I think it will keep me motivated and hard working for years to come; instead of just cashing in on one result for decades.

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  1. I like to think that I am the first kind too. People in the second group are like one hit wonders on the radio--sure, they get air time, but eventually, everyone thinks they were struck by lightning once rather than anything special.