Thursday, December 8, 2016

When you get a grant?

What do you do when you get a grant. I know the department and college will probably put your grant news in their news section and probably would also give you some publicity.

But do you let your group know that you have gotten a grant? If yes, how do you communicate this?

If you do not convey this directly to your group, why not?


  1. I always tell my group right away. I do not keep the financing of our work a deep mystery, since I think that does them a disservice. Since I see my students pretty much every day, I just tell them when I see them. I'd rather them hear it fro mme than from another source.

    The next group meeting, I usually bring a treat to share (donuts, cookies, etc) to celebrate the good news.

  2. I definitely tell my students the good news. They are involved in the writing (after all, they are my first line of defense against verbose or lackluster writing!) and knowing about the funding situation and what may or may not be makes it less stressful for them in the long term if they have to teach for a bit if the grant didn't come through or if they can count on being on an RA. I do bring treats, as well, when I get a grant.

    Btw, does this mean you got a grant? Congrats!