Wednesday, July 13, 2011

excellent professor

So my PI comes to me and a bunch of other colleagues and started talking about the guy that the institute is going to hire. He shows us the CV of this new guy from a hot shot company that he works for and guess what? This guy is only 2 years senior than I am i.e. he got his PhD just two years before when I did and has less publication record (of course I am factoring in the two years older part :D).

After looking at the CV all of my colleagues started chatting that this guy is not senior enough for the position. I look at my PI and tell him that they should hire me, if they are to hire a young one like the hot-shot dude since I am more competent in what I do.

My PI looks at me and says: "Yes, there are talking going on to hire you as a permanent member but you can be an excellent professor as well !"

Well sure but if you are to hire someone that young you should make this offer to me ! I bet they will make me an offer when I have a faculty position. Then we will play  :D

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