Friday, February 17, 2012

preparing for the faculty appointment visit

I think the adrenaline from yesterday has wearied off today. Now, that I can think clearly I have realized that I have to give a seminar.

Got a call from the secretary that the visit had to pushed back a week because of the conflict in schedule. Looks like I will be working my ass off on preparing the slides and yes, practicing them !

I have chosen two projects that I would like to talk about. Both are great projects, from two broad fields that I have worked on in the past.

The reason for choosing these two is: It would show the faculty my diversity, since both the projects are from related fields but generally people don't work on both of them. Also both the projects are in depth, which will show them my depth. Last but not least I have prepared two cool potential applications of my project that I will like to show them off at the end. Hope it all goes well.

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