Thursday, February 12, 2015

Academics Anonymous (AA)

Yes, I admit it I have a problem (and I love it). I want to be high all the time.

No, not that kind of high.

Every time my paper gets accepted, I get an award, I get a grant, I solve a problem, I submit a paper; I get a high. It is awesome and I love it. But the high doesn't stay longer.

I get searching for my next fix. I need it bad and need it now. I get restless.

Admittedly, it is one of those weeks where I am in withdrawal. Although I got a high from a recent federal (big ass) grant; I am looking for my next fix. I dont know if I will get it soon. Students are still in the training mode and only one paper is submitted for now. There are other things going on but they are slow.

May be there is a place called Academics Anonymous (AA). If you happen to know such a facility do let me know. I think I need help !


  1. Congrats on that grant! Is it an RO1?

    Maybe you could try volunteering for outreach public talks. Giving a good talk, especially to the public who always wants to hear more about our exciting research, provides quite a high!

  2. Congratulations on the grant, well done!

    When I feel overly elated, especially for some little achievement, I go and visit GMP. Once you see how much others, especially full time working moms like her, are achieving at work and home in their typical day, it brings me right back to earth. Helps keep me steady! :)