Thursday, February 19, 2015

Emergency class preperation

Dear Student,

This is a graduate level class. If I have posted a schedule 1.5 month ago and the schedule says that you have to give a presentation in the class about the papers that you have read (and got approved by me). Then you better fucking come and give the fucking presentation.

If you think that you can email me at 8 pm telling me that you are not prepared to give a presentation in the morning (and you haven't come to me a single time in the office hours to let me know that you are working and are having trouble), which is the only thing that I have planned for the class; I will track you down and kill your grade.

Best Regards,
Your newly appointed professor

1 comment:

  1. I can imagine how frustrating it must be for you and other students to show up to class and have the presenter of the day being AWOL!

    Did you know that public speaking/presentations is among the top fears of people all over the world (read the stats somewhere some time ago)? Might be that this particular student is afraid of speaking in front of a group and does not have enough experience to control their anxiety and decided to bail out last minute. Not that this is an acceptable reason to not show up, and the student should have addressed this wayyy in advance, but it might be worth bringing this up next time you meet them.